Whats App new storage management feature: How it will free up space on Android devices

Whats App new storage management feature: How it will free up space on Android devices

Over the years the instant messaging platform has only gotten better and more efficient. However, there are hardware limitations and that’s where the problem lies. With almost every member of your family being on the application, there is a steady flow of texts, images and even videos. The internal storage of the device can only handle so much.

WhatsApp has launched a new update in for its beta testers that will let users manage the storage space of the chats individually. Often users are only left with options to either delete entire chats or delete all media in the application.

The new update will introduce a storage management section that allows user to delete different types of texts separately.

For instance, if a user wants to get rid of all the pictures and videos from a specific chat but still wants to keep all the texts, they can chose to delete videos and images from the group by choosing the type of messages they want to delete.

A beta tester can tap on Settings within the application, in the Settings option tap on Data and then Storage Usage. Storage Usage will take you to a list of apps that have been arranged in a descending order of chats that take up the maximum storage on your phone.

Tapping on the chats will take the user to a list of different type of messages (texts, images, GIFs, videos, audio, documents, locations, contacts). The user can then delete the specific types of messages using the Manage Messages on the bottom of the screen.

So far, the feature is only available to beta testers but will soon make it to the final build once the testing period ends. iOS users have had the feature since some time now but this will be a pleasant upgrade for Android users.

source by: businesstoday