Record Snaps on iOS 11 secretly with these simple tricks

Record Snaps on iOS 11 secretly with these simple tricks

Snapchat to notify users when someone screen records their Snaps.

Popular social networking platform Snapchat has started to notify users every time someone uses the screen recording feature on iOS 11 to record their Snaps.

“That is good news for users, but it does not mean they are safe to post anything they want. As always, everything can still be saved by other users,” reported late on Friday.

Earlier, the company allowed iOS 11 users to record other users’ “Snaps” secretly, without the person who posted them realising.

The “Screen Recording” feature comes with the free iOS 11 update. However, the user needs to tweak their device’s settings to make it appear in the control centre.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is expected to overtake Facebook for the first time in the US, as the user growth of the latter is set to slow among teens and adults, a report by market research firm eMarketer said in September.

Snapchat is forecast to overtake both Instagram and Facebook in terms of total users aged 12-17 and 18-24 for the first time in 2017, that will shoot up Snapchat’s share of US social network users to 40.8 per cent.

The app currently has 166 million users globally.

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