Many expensive smartphones of the past are now much cheaper: Check them out

Many expensive smartphones of the past are now much cheaper: Check them out

Phones like iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 might be stretching the limit when it comes to pricing of smartphones. Luckily, the mid-range phones are getting better with more value against every rupee spent. There are more and more options being launched in this range and apart from a few refinements these devices can easily take you through daily tasks with a breeze.

With better software optimizations even dated chipsets function really well and dated flagship-chipsets even better.

Here are the best options in the market that are older but still a good buy in terms of performance:

Apple iPhone 6s- Apple never launches mid-range devices because it relies on its previous year’s devices to fill that segment. Apple products may be fragile but the software is to last. iOS has an impressive update history when it comes Apple devices. People who are already invested in the Apple ecosystem and don’t want to blow a hole in their pocket can opt for this device. The sale season has witnessed tremendous discounts on the device and will probably hit back before diwali this year.

Samsung Galaxy S7- Samsung’s ex-flagship was a worthy competitor when it was launched and is still a device that can take anything you throw at it. The device features a dated Exynos 8890 Octacore chipset but should be able to handle even extreme applications and games.

OnePlus 3T- OnePlus has garnered a name for its smartphone brand rather quickly. Similar to Apple, OnePlus does not invest in mid-range devices but relies on its older smartphones. OnePlus 3T checks all the essential boxes and then some. The device’s design and built is still one of the best in the industry. The 16 Megapixel front facing camera can easily stand its ground against most flagship from this year.

LG G6- The G6 was launched in February this year but is not on LG’s flagship fore-front anymore; that is reserved for LG’s camera beast, LG V30. The G6 on the other hand received a major price cut from its launch price within a few months of launch. This shouldn’t let you undermine the LG device. Despite the Snapdragon 821 chipset, LG G6 can handle direct comparisons with in terms of design as well as camera.

Lenovo Z2 Plus- The Lenovo Z2 Plus was launched as a flagship device from Lenovo back in 2016. The device was priced decently back then but saw a series of price-cuts after a rigid competition from the likes of OnePlus and Xiaomi. The device is now priced at an extremely affordable price tag and feature’s last year’s flagship chipset from Qualcomm.

Moto Z- Motorola launched the Moto Z last year in June and had created a spectacle that was not really a bargain for the asking price. However, the device received a major cut and is now selling at 25 per cent smaller price tag. You not only get the elegance of Motorola’s design language but also an upscale modular technology. Buyers can snap on modular panels like an added camera mod or even speaker mods.

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