Google adds some basic antivirus features to Chrome for Windows

Google adds some basic antivirus features to Chrome for Windows

Antivirus software is always a cat and mouse game, but Google is trying to make things a little easier for users by adding some antivirus features to Chrome for Windows.

The biggest addition is a new option to detect if settings like the default search engine have been hijacked by a rogue extension, and automatically offer to set things back to normal.

Additionally, the built-in Chrome Cleanup tool has been redesigned. The revamped tool is now simpler to use: it automatically removes harmful software with the press of a button, and is more powerful, thanks to a partnership with IT security firm ESET. Google is quick to note that Chrome Cleanup isn’t a catch-all antivirus solution, though; it will only remove extensions that violate Google’s Unwanted Software Policy, so you’ll still want to make sure that you’ve got some sort of regular antivirus software set.

Hopefully the new changes will mean that Google Chrome users on Windows will be able to enjoy a little more peace of mind going forward. Or at the very least, cut down on frantic tech support calls from less tech-savvy family members and friends wondering why Google search isn’t working anymore.

source by: theverge